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How do I restore my fan’s factory settings?

Note: A factory reset will re-broadcast the default Haiku Wi-Fi network, clear any device and room names, delete existing scheduled events, and reset all other settings back to original values.

  1. Press and hold any power button (fan or light) on your remote for 5 seconds. After 5 seconds, the blue LED indicators will blink.

  1. Within 30 seconds of the LEDs blinking, press any  (minus) button on your remote. The fan will beep, and its LEDs will blink rapidly.

  • When the LED indicators stop blinking, the network reset is complete.
  • If the above reset sequence did not work, bring your fan to a complete stop and try the following:

    1. Press the following button sequence on the remote: Whoosh, Whoosh, Clear, Timer, Speed Down.
    2. You will hear a beep after pressing each button, indicating that the fan received the command.
    3. When the LED indicators stop blinking, the network reset is complete. Check your mobile device’s Wi-Fi settings to make sure the fan’s network is now visible.

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